Benefits of Having Sex Often

People have sex every day and every time. Some, however, decide to hold back sex. Regular sex is very much beneficial to your health and your life. Here are some of the general benefits of having sex often that will change your thinking on sex.

Increased Blood Circulation

The heart rate accelerates during sex as fresh blood is pumped to all the body organs including the brain. The toxins and wastes are expelled away from the organs leaving you rejuvenated and energized.

Regular Sex Can Help Cure Irregular Sleep Pattern

Sex burns a lot of calories from the body. The body also releases certain sleep-inducing hormones during sex. This is why when you have sex, immediately after sex, you may easily drift into a deep slumber.

Helps Maintain the General Health of the Heart

During sex, the body releases hormone testosterone and estrogen in men and women respectively. These hormones aid in maintaining the general health of the heart by checking cholesterol levels. This is why adult men having sex regularly have a lesser chance of heart attacks.

Sex Helps Relieve Pain

The human body synthesizes the enzyme oxytocin. When you are about to have an orgasm, the levels of this enzyme are elevated by up to more than five times. This enzyme eases body from migraine to menstrual cramps.

The Body Has Increased Immunity

Regular sex activity is essential for the body. This is because, during sexual activity, the antibody immunoglobin A (IgA) is released in large volumes. This is the antibody at the frontline of maintaining immunity of the body.

Increased Levels of Intimacy in Your Relationship

During orgasm, the body releases the hormone oxytocin in high levels. Apart from relieving you of pain, the hormone strengthens your bond of attraction. This will also ease your body of stress leaving you happy.

Protects the Men from Contracting Prostate Cancer

Recent scientific studies have proven that men who have sex regularly lower their chances of contracting prostate cancer by about twenty percent. Men with no regular sex partners seek the services of escorts to stay safe from prostate cancer. Some men opt for multiple sex partners to lower the risk further.

Regular Sex Helps Eliminate Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a reason for an adult to lose a sex partner. As a man, it is medically advisable to have sex regularly. This is because regular sex allows you to train your body to last longer during sex. This improves your sex life and self-esteem.

Some people consider sex to be an immoral endeavor. Others do believe that it is less for pleasure and more for procreation. However, sex is essential for the body, as we have stated above. As an adult, you do not have to be in a relationship to have sex. For your health benefits, you may seek the services of one of the beautiful cheap London escorts once in a while to keep you on the safer side.



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